Thanks for your work mate !

On 14/01/2013 21:24, Andreas K. Huettel wrote:
[CC'ing this to core so noone can complain afterwards.]

Since 48h did not lead to any responses positive or negative, I'll start
implementing the procedure as given in the original e-mail (quoted below).

As also said below, each arch will get a mail before I touch their profile
tree and after I've finished.

Cheers, Andreas

Am Samstag, 12. Januar 2013, 21:47:18 schrieb Andreas K. Huettel:
Hi everyone,

since Council has approved the creation of a fresh set of EAPI=5 "13.0"
profiles, I would like to volunteer for creating them. The proposed
procedure is outlined below in detail, and I'd be happy for comments.
[If anything below deviates from Council decision, please tell me- not my

One general question comes first, though: Right now, the releases/10.0
profile directory does the following things:
* mask too-old portage
* set eapi
* add USE=bzip2

Is there anything unrelated to EAPI=5 that absolutely must be added to the
new releases/13.0 directory in addition in your opinion? (Whether this is
the right place and was the right place in the beginning for USE=bzip2 is
another question.)


The procedure (all paths relative to profiles):

1) create directory eapi-5-files, with eapi (containing 5), skeletons for
package.stable.mask etc and a readme

2) copy releases/10.0 to releases/13.0, in releases/13.0:
* increase required portage version
* additionally inherit ../../eapi-5-files
* other changes as per question above?

3) for each arch in default/linux,
* announce on arch alias (to prevent overlapping commits)
* copy default/linux/${arch}/10.0 to default/linux/${arch}/13.0 and
* change inheritance in the new copy to inherit ../../../../releases/13.0
instead of ../../../../releases/10.0
* announce on arch alias (so future changes go into 13.0 tree)
[This describes the simple case. I realize that there are differences in
the directory structure, e.g. powerpc/ppc64/10.0, which is why this step
needs extra care.]

4) edit profiles.desc and copy all "10.0 lines" to "13.0 lines", with an
initial setting "dev" (if dev or stable before) or "exp" (if exp before)
This makes repoman check against the new profiles when using developer

5) announce the state on the dev list, urging devs to update their symlink
manually and !test!

6) wait one / two weeks

7) in profiles.desc, mark all 13.0 profiles stable that were stable in
10.0, and remove the lines for the 10.0 profiles. This makes eselect
profile now only offer the new ones, and repoman test by default against
13.0 profiles.

8) mark all 10.0 profiles as deprecated by creating a "deprecated" file
(containing the replacement suggestion) in the directory. This makes
portage warn users to upgrade (suggesting a new profile for them), and
repoman ignore the 10.0 profiles.

9) long waiting time as decided by Council


Everything that does NOT use/inherit 10.0 will remain unaffected, and
whoever responsible may have to take care of that some time before (in
step 10) the main profile directory becomes EAPI=5. This means e.g.
hardened, ulibc, prefix or bsd.


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