Am Freitag, 18. Januar 2013, 23:20:50 schrieben Sie:
> On Fri, 18 Jan 2013 21:37:10 +0100
> "Andreas K. Huettel" <> wrote:
> > FYI, the new 13.0 profiles are now all available in profiles.desc, for
> > now all with status "dev" (i.e. repoman includes them only when you
> > request developer profile checking).
> > 
> > This means the procedure below is complete up to and including point 5)
> > now.
> > 
> > Please consider changing your profile symlink manually and testing the
> > new profile tree. In case of problems, please file a bug and assign it
> > to me (or tell me if I'm around).
> > 
> > If all goes well, we'll continue in a week.
> Hmm, I think we need a bit more fine-grained EAPI=5 directories, at
> least for arch-specific unmasks. Not sure if I shall use the
> arch-specific 13.0 profiles or something more common shall be
> introduced.

I think it's perfectly fine now to raise the EAPI to 5 anywhere in the profile 
trees that (also) inherit 13.0 (since they need it anyway). 

So, in my opinion, we can just do that wherever needed. 

The intention of the "eapi-5-files" directory is just to hold the files that 
will be moved into global scale once the old profiles are gone.


Andreas K. Huettel
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