Just to keep everyone updated, ...

> FYI, the new 13.0 profiles are now all available in profiles.desc, for now
> all with status "dev" (i.e. repoman includes them only when you request
> developer profile checking).
> This means the procedure below is complete up to and including point 5)
> now.
> Please consider changing your profile symlink manually and testing the new
> profile tree. In case of problems, please file a bug and assign it to me
> (or tell me if I'm around).
> If all goes well, we'll continue in a week.

A small bug in repoman turned up when testing the EAPI=5 profiles, and 
therefore we will wait for the next stable portage version before the 10.0 
profiles are deprecated. So, another 3-4 weeks to go maybe.

[The only alternative would be to require all devs to run at least ~arch 
portage, since the bug only affects repoman, not emerge.]



Andreas K. Huettel
Gentoo Linux developer 

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