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> Am Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013, 14:34:14 schrieb Markos Chandras:
>> > > new profiles?  As a Gentoo user who just got a giant red warning from
>> > > portage that his active profile was deprecated, I feel like many people
>> > > are going to be confused about this.
>> >
>> > Obviously a news item should precede any deprecation of stable profiles.
>> >
>> I think it is too late now. The big red warning is already there.
> To be honest I did not really see the necessity since the "big red warning"
> exactly tells you what to do (and even which profile to pick, which would be
> more complicated in a news item).
> Then again, that's a matter of personal preference, too.
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I suspect most people are interested in understanding what changed
(since deprecation means that the new thing is better than the old
one). Moreover, the news item is another way to assure them that
everything is not as bad as the initial "red warning" might had made
them think so and "keep calm and use Gentoo" ;-)

Markos Chandras - Gentoo Linux Developer

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