On 02/10/2013 03:45 PM, Andreas K. Huettel wrote:
> Am Montag, 11. Februar 2013, 00:34:19 schrieb Michał Górny:
>>> actually *do* to one's system?
>> Out of curiosity, does portage suggest switching to the new profiles
>> even if it doesn't support its EAPI?
> Unfortunately, it seems yes. (Feature request?)

It's possible to include additional instructions in the deprecated file.
All lines after the first one as upgrade instructions.

For future portage versions, I've fixed it to behavior better:


This fix updates the profile deprecation warning to look like this:

!!! Your current profile is deprecated and not supported anymore.
!!! Use eselect profile to update your profile.
!!! Please upgrade to the following profile if possible:

!!! Unable to parse profile:
!!! ParseError: Profile contains unsupported EAPI '5':

 * You must update portage before you can migrate to the above profile.
 * In order to update portage, run 'emerge --oneshot portage'.

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