I'd like to get your feedback and opinion about removing shared v8
library package from Gentoo. It's currently used by www-client/chromium,
dev-db/drizzle, dev-db/mongodb, dev-lang/v8cgi and sci-geosciences/osgearth.

net-libs/nodejs switched back to bundled v8 a long time ago:

  25 Feb 2013; Patrick Lauer +nodejs-0.6.21-r2.ebuild,
  Version bump for 0.6 and 0.8 that also disables shared v8 as our v8
  maintainers remove all compatible versions

Some bugs for reference:


From mongodb upstream <https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-10282> :
"compiling with versions of v8 other than what is included is not
currently supported."

I'd like maintainers of all packages depending on dev-lang/v8 to make
their packages use bundled v8 copy instead (I can file bugs for that,
let's discuss here whether it should be done).

For now V8 upstream gives no guarantees about API/ABI stability and
actually breaks it very often
(<http://upstream-tracker.org/versions/v8.html>). Having a shared
library so closely tied to packages (which results in frustrating
blockers, since v8 is updated often and chromium is synchronized with
that) is not really much different from everyone bundling the library.
I'd like that to improve, but for now it's time for a pragmatic solution
to this IMHO.


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