Alexis Ballier schrieb:
I also fail to see how udev using a new linux ipc would make it require
systemd. Quoting Lennart:
"You need the userspace code to set up the bus and its policy and handle
activation. That's not a trivial task. For us, that's what sytemd does
in PID 1. You'd need to come up with an alternative for that."

If it's just that, it's not limited to udev, but anything using
kdbus/bus1, and would mean openrc/${favorite init system} will have to
do the same thing anyway. But again, almost 2 years is extremely
old considering all the flux that has been around kbus.

OpenRC itself can for now just ignore kdbus, bus1, or whatever kernel IPC system comes next. But if upstream udev makes use of the systemd userspace interface to the kernel IPC system, then OpenRC would have to implement the same interface in order to have working udev.

Also given the close relationship between systemd and udev, there is no guarantee that supporting other users of kdbus/bus1 will make udev automagically work. As these two are released together, there is no reason to have a stable, public API between them.

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