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> William Hubbs schrieb:
> > Maybe FUD is the incorrect way to put it, but I think us doing
> > something about it at this point is definitely premature since   
> > KDBUS is no where near ready to go -- they were forced to retract
> > it a while back because they had to re-think the design.
> kdbus got sent for inclusion in the kernel, and they were sure ready
> to pull off their plan back then if kdbus had been accepted.
> Whether switching to eudev now is premature is actually the central 
> issue of this whole discussion. Given that dropping support for udev
> on non-systemd systems was narrowly avoided once, and upstream leaves
> no doubt that they are ready to do so once their redesigned kernel
> message bus goes upstream, I say describing such a move as
> "definitely premature" is not warranted.
> Best regards,
> Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn

Thank you for bringing this information to the forefront of this debate.

So, is it not better for us Gentoo-er's that wish to not install
systemd, to set the default non-systemd udev to eudev.  In that way,
maybe eudev will get more contributed support and Anthony more eyes on
things.  It seems that unless kdbus is perpetually rejected by the
kernel team... it is only a matter of time.

So, I say, we've all had enough bickering about the subject.

 Time for a final vote!

If we had all spent our time working on real problems as
we've spent reading this never ending debate mail...

but alas, this will be yet another item that must be decided by the
Brian Dolbec <dolsen>

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