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Patrick Lauer <patr...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> On 02/16/2016 08:33 PM, Michał Górny wrote:
> > This all is going into some bickering nonsense and noise made by
> > systemd haters just to feed their troll, FUD and whatever else they
> > made around here.  
> You call it hate, I call it having a choice.

You have a choice. This is trying to force your choice on everyone else
just because you hate the other option and don't want anybody to be
using it.

> >  Because certainly
> > project that is created plainly for political reasons is better.
> > Because it will certainly be technically better if people have to focus
> > on copying regular udev maintainers and reworking their changes to keep
> > them working on forked codebase.
> >
> > And after all, as someone said, this will give eudev proper testing.  
> (1) It's already used by lots of people
> (2) 'proper' testing? As opposed to be the default in more than a dozen
> distros that have usecases you and I rarely think of?

Are you really serious with those fringe distros? How many of them have
a dozen users that do not happen to be developers of the distro? How
many of them are actually used in production? How many of them have
diverse enough userbase to prove that eudev works in different

> The whole discussion, which seems to turn everyone into a raging
> squirrel, is about changing the default provider of a virtual. All other
> providers will continue being listed and available. The change affects
> none of the current userbase (who seem to have a preference for eudev if
> forums polls have any meaning).
> The change will only affect the default selected when no udev provider
> is already installed. This would finally allow releng to have eudev on
> stage3, which so far they were unable to do without manually overriding
> defaults.
> ^^ That is pretty much all that changes. Seriously.
> I have no idea why this topic that doesn't even affect the most vocal
> neigh-sayers in this discussion seems to be so insanely difficult ...

The reason for that is simple: because it quickly turned away from
merits to politics, FUD and nonsense. And spammed the mailing list to
incredible level. So after next mail about the bad Templars silently
planning to take over the world by integrating udev in systemd codebase
and renaming it to systemd-udevd... I mean, people have their limits,
and there are amounts of nonsense that set us off.

Please don't forget to ban all *BSDs for keeping their sources
in a single repository. They took over the whole base-system already,
and you have to fork the whole system just to have the choice!

Best regards,
Michał Górny

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