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> The games team was pretty much formed of two kinds of developers back then. 
> One kind was retired developers, the other kind was developers who did what 
> they cared about and ignored everything and everyone else. Bugs, join 
> requests, complaints, all went ignored and games team kept silent claim to 
> games in gentoo.

False and slanderous.

> So the first Council case against games team was that they did not accept any 
> new members. Or rather, silently ignored join requests. They also ignored 
> inquiries wrt the case and the Council.

Also false.

> The result was that the Council set up someone external to take care of 
> inviting new members, and electing new team lead afterwards. As it could be 
> predicted, nobody wanted to join, or rather be forced into the team they 
> weren't welcome in.

Speculative and false.

> Then the case against policies started. The first abolished myth was games 
> team sole claim to games in gentoo. Where Council pretty much only confirmed 
> that they have no right for that and everyone can maintain game ebuilds 
> without having games team approval or co-maintenance.

Making things up.

> During the whole process, I don't recall a single reply from games team 
> member.

Well, here's at least one.

However, I'm not sure why anyone would reply to your drama, slander,
and lies so I'm not surprised that's been your experience.

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