Ühel kenal päeval, R, 16.09.2016 kell 17:20, kirjutas Ulrich Mueller:
> How does a file in FILESDIR get stale? The typical scenario is that a
> patch will no longer be needed after a version bump and pruning of
> old
> ebuild versions. I fear that with FILES the problem would simply be
> shifted: instead of forgetting to delete the stale file, people would
> forget removing the patch from the FILES list.
> Ulrich

While I'm not sure I would like this feature as a whole, compared to
the status quo, the only way this would really work in a reasonable way
(and maybe not at all in some cases without the duplication) is if you
don't eapply them in a way that lists them again, but it would replace
PATCHES functionality or you'd do some bash magic to eapply everything
in $FILES that ends in .patch or something.


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