On 17/09/16 20:38, Kacper Kołodziej wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm interested in becoming a Gentoo Developer. I'm familiar with C++, Python,
> Git and some others.
> I'd like to begin with maintaining some package. I'm looking for a mentor who
> will introduce me and help with quizes mentioned on Gentoo's 'Get Involved -
> Become a Developer' page.
> I'll be happy if you give me some advice on what should I begin with. Maybe
> maintaining packages isn't good idea at the begining?
Have you found the Proxy Maintainers project via
https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Proxy_Maintainers yet?

Your best bet is probably to log into Freenode IRC and meet the other
devs, get settled in, try your hand at some ebuilds, etc and then you
can get a feel for what goes on. Someone will then pick you up, and take
you forward.

Michael aka veremit.
Proxy-maintainer and general lurker.

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