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>  It
> just seems silly, and it might actually reduce the incentive for
> somebody else to step up and actually maintain it because it doesn't
> go on list of maintainer-needed packages.  In this way the rush to
> treeclean stuff that works actually results in stuff that is LESS
> maintained but still in the tree.

So in that regard, any thoughts on a compromise?

I figured something like 

<maintainer type="person">...</maintainer>
<maintainer type="project">
   <name>Open Season For Maintainence</name>

Where its like "maintainer needed" except with a defacto maintainer.

That is, it shares the property of maintainer needed that anybody at all
can maintain it informally "just to keep it working".

The idea being to communicate "hey, I'm still using this, and
will work on it when I have time, but I don't want to stand in the way
of somebody else making it be more useful, just do whatever with it
and if I really don't like that, I'll remove openseason"

But of course, I do agree that "maintainer needed" should not imply
"free to clean".

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