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> Dear Working Group,
> The discussions and preliminary drafting of the report is progressing,
> but so far with a lack of participation from several devs that signed up
> to be members of the WG process. To involve a broader group in the
> discussions, we will hold the first WG meeting in #gentoo-wg-stable on
> Sunday 18th at 19:00 UTC
> As previously announced the repo for the LaTeX document is at      
> git://git.sumptuouscapital.com/gentoo/wg-stable.git                
> And a rendered pdf is available at:    
>  https://download.sumptuouscapital.com/gentoo/main.pdf
> We have sent a request to the arch teams with a series of questions and
> hope to have some more answers from them as well ahead of the meeting. 
> If there are other specific topics you'd like to raise, please email the
> alias.
> Brgds,
> K_F
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It's a bit late, but were any transcripts or summaries written wrt the
meeting that (I hope) was held? I'd be interested in reading it.

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