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> Since the mid 15.x.x releases of twisted, upstream changed from the
> split releases twisted-{core,names,web,...} to a single twisted
> package release. Our gentoo tree has been behind with upstream
> releases since then partially due to this change and the work
> involved in the conversion.
> I am pleased to inform you that I have now completed the new twisted
> package ebuilds and updated/additional/new dependencies.  There are
> now dev-python/twisted-16.2.0 and 16.3.2 releases in the gentoo tree
> and I am working on 16.4.1 to get the tests working before adding it
> to the tree.  I have been doing testing of the 16.2 and 16.3 releases
> in my buildbot-0.9.0 (day job) work without any issues.
> Currently I have added dev-util/buildbot, dev-util/buildbot-worker,
> www-servers/tornado, dev-python/autobahn, dev-python/txrequests
> ebuilds which have ||() dependencies on either the old split twisted
> or new twisted single pkg dependencies.
> Since there are no longer any split twisted-* pkg releases, any new
> pkgs/ebuilds should be made with either the new dev-python/twisted
> only or ||() twisted pkgs dependencies as the maintainer sees fit. You
> should also list the new dev-python/twisted pkg first in any ||() deps
> you add.  I have come across a portage bug where the resolver was not
> able to solve a conflict between the old split pkgs and the new single
> pkg where it should have been able to.  This was partially due to
> having the old split twisted pkgs listed as the first (left) entry in
> the ||().
> You should not introduce new pkgs and hopefully new ebuild versions of
> existing pkgs that list only the old split twisted pkgs as
> dependencies. I am sure that eventually the old split releases will
> be tree-cleaned at some future point.
> Thank you

I forgot...

The new twisted package is also mostly python3 compatible. There is
code in twisted's setup.py that will not install modules to a py3 that
are not yet ported to python3.  So, there should be no issue turn up
during the twisted install.

I have not checked as to which modules have not been ported yet, but
those modules will still install to python2.7.  If you have any issues
with your pkg using twisted under python3, then you may have to
restrict py3 from your pkg's PYTHON_COMPAT.  As I get caught up, I'll
check in more detail which modules are not yet ported.  If you come
across any, feel free to send me a note or even add an ewarn to the
affected twisted ebuild about that sub-modules py3 availability. 

Brian Dolbec <dolsen>

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