Hi all,

I suggest that we ban the dolib and libopts commands in EAPI 7.

1. There are about 60 instances of dolib in the tree. At least one
   third of them appears to be wrong (e.g., should be replaced by
   dolib.so for correct mode).
2. libopts affects only dolib, while the more special commands dolib.a
   and dolib.so install libraries with fixed modes 0644 and 0755,
   respectively. (The latter is also consistent with dobin installing
   with fixed mode 0755, i.e., there is no binopts command.)
3. There is no newlib command corresponding to dolib, whereas
   newlib.{a,so} commands exist.
4. libopts is not used at all in the tree, which strongly indicates
   that there is no need for it.

Use dolib.a or dolib.so instead.



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