On 14/10/16 09:33, Matthew Marchese wrote:
> On 10/07/2016 04:56 PM, Matthew Marchese wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Thought I'd send a RFC out to you all to get a little feedback before I
>> make any changes to this since I didn't originally start the project. If
>> no one responds with a good reason why NOT to make the changes I
>> purpose, I will proceed in a somewhat timely manner.
>> It's been over a year since I manually moved the Presentation Project
>> from wwwold to the wiki. No one who was previously involved in the
>> project has presumed membership (or leadership) with the project.
>> There's only been one meaningful edit by Rich0 to one of the project's
>> two subpages. He kindly added links to a Gentoo presentation he recently
>> gave.
>> I currently see no reason why we need a separate project for
>> Presentations. Maybe once when Gentoo PR was busier and we had more
>> people giving talks it was necessary. If we're just looking for a place
>> to host links or files I think merging this project with Public
>> Relations will work nicely. I propose hosting the content of this
>> project under the Public Relations project, since it has members who are
>> actually overseeing it as Project specification (GLEP:39) demands.
>> Empty projects should be removed. They are dead. It's not me who says
>> it, it's GLEP 39. Be mad at it, not me. :P
>> I already have a repo for PR setup at projects.g.o. I will make a
>> presentations/ directory for storing the PDF files that Robin was
>> recently looking for...I'll have to dig them out of the Wayback Machine,
>> but that shouldn't take me too long.
>> Your wiki warrior,
>> Maffblaster
>> https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Presentation
> Okay! I've got all the old stuff dug out of the Wayback Machine. Files
> are now hosted under projects.g.o here:
> https://projects.gentoo.org/pr/presentations/
> Please note the directory naming. I'd like to keep this consistent with
> the date following the title of conference in all lower case. Even if
> there's only one talk, please keep it this way. I can envision Gentoo
> talks having the same exact title.
> I will update the links to the wiki page at some point this weekend
> (check back in a few days):
>  https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Public_Relations/Available_Presentations
> Feel free to point to me to places I can get other FOSDEM / Mini conf
> stuff... Not sure what we're going to do about video. Upload them to our
> YouTube account and/or Archive.org for hosting?
> Kind regards,
> Matthew
YouTube would be good .. do we have a channel .. who's curating or wants

Great work Matthew!

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