On Friday, October 14, 2016 8:15:35 PM EDT Ulrich Mueller wrote:
> > The devmanual has the same info as in the PMS including on the suffix
> > https://dev.gentoo.org/~ulm/pms/head/pms.html#x1-300003.2
> That section is about version suffixes (like _beta or _rc), not about
> package names.

I am aware, the one I posted initially was about package names. I was just 
showing the PMS in various sections says the same thing as the devmanual in 
condensed form.

> If anything at all, it would be a naming convention specific to the
> gentoo repository. Others' repositories can follow different rules.

It seems others already do this, like exherbo pretty sure Funtoo is the same. 
They also use the -bin naming  scheme for binaries. Not aware of other distros 
using PMS. For self built, may go with -ebin vs -gbin for universal use.

I just wanted to standardize use of such. I see -bin's in places but I have 
never seen any document say it should be done, it is required, etc. Some 
binary packages do not have that. Should they? Nothing says they are required 
to, thus the suggested requirement.

No worries either way, just wanted to standardize things.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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