games-strategy/freeorion is a space empire and galactic conquest
game inspired by Master of Orion (though not a clone):

I cannot maintain it anymore, the main reason being that I don't
have a gentoo machine with a screen attached to it at the moment.

FreeOrion has a dedicated community (also in Gentoo) that does
research on bugs and is generally helpful.  Upstream is also
helpful and produces patches quickly.  They use github.

Open tasks are:

- remove games.eclass and EAPI=6 bump: I've done some work in
  this direction, but I'm not finished.

- bump to 0.4.6: https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=596680

The bump is the only open bug.  Please just take it or e-mail me
(or both) if you are interested.


Thomas Kahle

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