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Michał Górny <mgo...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> Therefore, I'd like to request establishing an official policy against
> workarounds with no associated bug reports.
> Your thoughts?

Obviously I assume this is still a "to taste" thing, because when
you're packaging something, and you find something upstream have done
which makes sense for them, but not for gentoo, you're inclined to go
"oh, right", and just side-step that, without such thought as to file a
bug in the process.

So obviously not *all* workarounds can have useful bugs filed for them.

Unless I'm supposed to see the bug before I ship the code, and file a
bug in gentoo, ship the ebuild with the workaround, and then close the
bug, even though the bug never existed from any users perspective.

So its just a matter of more clearly defining the scopes of workarounds
were talking about here.

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