Hello gentoo-dev,

In general, I could use a mentor I can ask questions of and get answers
from. I have been a tinkerer/user only of Gentoo in the past and am now
wanting to be more involved.

I have been using the Developer Guide for assistance.

But specifically for now...
I requested to fill the maintainer role needed for the app-misc/gramps
package as I use the software for my own needs and am fairly familiar
with it. I am now the maintainer of that package. I find I can use some
guidance in getting started. For instance, there is a bug to have
gramps-4.2.4 stable (it is ~amd64 ~x86 now).

I have been running gramps-4.2.4 OK on amd64, testing various components
and reports OK

To stabilize this package for amd64 and x86 it would also need to be
verified on x86. I suppose I could do that myself by creating an x86
virtual guest and testing or I should ask for assistance via a bug to

Also, when I run 'repoman full' from the proposed ebuild directory I get
QA issues for  RDEPEND for dev-python/pyicu, which is also ~amd64. This
dependent package (and its dependencies) would need to be stable as

When it comes time to commit (repoman commit), do I need any user access
set up before I commit?


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