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> While working on the last 2 version bumps to the twisted package, I
> kept getting an error in which the *egg-info/SOURCES.txt file absolute
> paths for all the files found in that very same directory.  They are
> required to be relative paths only.  This problem currently only affects
> some pkgs depending on the setuptools pkg for install.  The source of
> the change is that setuptools patches the cpython findall() with one
> that returns relative paths for anything in/below the passed in base
> directory.  Everything else it returns the absolute path.
> Why we should apply this:
>    Python upstream has merged the setuptools findall() code and will be
>    included in the next releases of python, 2.7.13, 3.4.6, 3.5.4 (I
>    think).  So, there is potential for many more python pkgs to be
>    affected by this that are not requiring setuptools for install.
>    Without the ebb-base setting, the egg-info/* files are not included
>    in SOURCES.txt.  The install proceeds without error.  
>    NOTE:  This first affects the python_compile_all phase, long before
>           it even tries to run the tests (if enabled).
> Some history:
>    The egg-base settings were originally added for parallel
>    testing/install purposes.  They are not used due to problems in
>    parallelizing testing, etc..  (something along those lines, I
>    don't want to search thru the logs, and mails to see what Michal's
>    original words were about it.)
> I am working on twisted-16.5.0 and 16.6.0 releases (tests are still
> failing), but 16.6.0 has many improvements to the testing code, so has a
> lot fewer errors to fix.  Once these are fixed and the eclass changes
> are merged, I will be able to add it to the tree.
> See attached patch.  NOTE: actual commit message will be
> different/updated correctly.  This was just an interim patch for
> testing and initial review.

As I said before, just make sure this doesn't cause the wrong egg-info
file to be installed accidentally. Possible corner case: when package
does different egg for different Python versions.

Best regards,
Michał Górny

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