There are some things I noticed in the tmpfiles_process() function:

- `type` currently also checks for functions, alias, and builtins,
besides executable files.  If that's not intended, the `-P` option
should be added.
- What happens if neither systemd-tmpfiles nor opentmpfiles is found?
- Shouldn't the function return a nonzero if an error occurs?  It
would help scripts abort.
- `[[ ${ROOT} == / ]] || return 0` seems to present a harmless false
condition, and it doesn't show an error message.  I would be helpful
to have a comment added above it to give details why.

I also prefer some things this way:

- Indent the contents of the first `if` block for consistency's sake,
and less confusion.
- Patterns in the `case` block doesn't have to be indented. This makes
the contents of the `case` block aligned with the contents of the
other blocks (`if`, `while`, etc.), and it makes the use of indents at
minimum when the block is used recursively.
- The subject word in the case block does not have to be quoted.
- Always keep blocks isolated from adjacent lines.


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