On Wednesday, November 30, 2016 4:38:57 PM EST Michael Mol wrote:
> You're asserting that Red Hat and Debian do things differently because
> there's nobody to force them to do things the same way. It can't be because
> there's no reference for them to look at; for sure, the second into market
> could simply have looked at the first. It's probable they did.

I would recommend doing some research on LSB. If Debian gave up deb for RPM, 
then you would see more unification. Ultimately the two had different origins, 
purposes, and thus can only align on some things but not all.

You can only push standards so far. When you have two different opposing ways 
of doing something. A call has to be made as to which to standardize unless 
you do both. It is impossible to please everyone all the time when it comes to 
consensus stuff. People have different ideas and will accomplish the same 
things in different ways.

Look at the whole systemd thing that came out of RedHat and took over the 
Linux world. It damn near fractured Debian, and did create a fork. Most other 
distros including Debian gave in.

Gentoo is one of the few still offering an alternative OpenRC. Much like the 
UID/GID thing I blame Gentoo for OpenRC not being adopted more widely and 
giving room for things like systemd to take over with little alternative for 

This kind of thing will happen again and again. Though if other distros do not 
start leading. It will become more and more a RedHat lead Linux world. Though 
some things go the other way. RedHat seems to have adopted Debians 
alternatives system, which is basically eselect, and related tools *-config.

But we are way off topic to the userkit.eclass and UID/GID. New thread, but I 
am past the discussion. Thanks!

William L. Thomson Jr.

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