Do you find yourself with lots of related packages with the same version to 
Do those package have a special order in which they need to be bumped?

If those sound like problems you run into, then I have a simple crude tool for 
you called[1]. A simple crude bash script that using an 
external file that can bump many packages in a given order. This can save a 
good deal of time on routine version bumps across many related packages of the 
same version/slot.

This script uses external files[2] to specify the area of the tree, base name, 
and packages in order to be revision bumped. At the same time it can clean 
while it bumps, not recommended as it will break depgraph and cause it to 
fail. However once you have bumped a set of packages. You can turn around and 
re-run it to clean out older versions.

It is pretty nifty and can save time. If any bump fails, the script stops. So 
you can manually intervene. Then you can resume bumping the rest of the 

I chose bash to keep it simple, and I hate python, so not sure what other I 
might have used. I do not believe it need be complex requiring use of other 
languages but possibly. The package sort aspect for cleaning and what not 
could be improved upon and done easier by other languages. Though sort is 
pretty powerful if given proper arguments.

Anyway look it over, duplicate and make better if you like, or send me 
patches, etc. Maybe eventually this can be adopted as an official Gentoo tool 
and added to a developer toolkit. None of that matters to me really. I made it 
to save myself time and address a problem I was facing. If it others find it 
useful great :)


William L. Thomson Jr.

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