Do you find yourself having to make a change to a lot of ebuilds?

If that is something you face or have run into, then I have a simple crude 
tool for you called[1]. A simple crude bash script that 
using an external file[2] that can modify ebuilds, files, etc across the entire 
tree or list of packages.

This is a pretty simple crude tool that can save tremendous amounts of time. 
The external file specifies what ever change needs to be made. This can be 
or major, and can have lots of complex logic. This could be potentially used 
for any new EAPI, to make such changes to the tree automatically.

I might even go so far as to propose if you are suggesting something in EAPI. 
That you write a file that can modify all ebuilds. That is not practical for 
all things but might be for some things.

None the less this tool allows you to make the same change to a batch of 
ebuilds. The tool is 100% safe, as if anything fails at any time for a given 
package. It is reverted to its previous state and it moves on to the next.

I chose bash to keep it simple, and I hate python, so not sure what other I 
might have used. I do not believe it need be complex requiring use of other 
languages but possibly. 

Anyway look it over, duplicate and make better if you like, or send me 
patches, etc. Maybe eventually this can be adopted as an official Gentoo tool 
and added to a developer toolkit. None of that matters to me really. I made it 
to save myself time and address a problem I was facing. If it others find it 
useful great. :)


William L. Thomson Jr.

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