On 12/08/2016 06:10 AM, Doug Freed wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 7:38 AM, Andrew Savchenko <birc...@gentoo.org> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Thu, 08 Dec 2016 11:29:51 +0100 Pacho Ramos wrote:
>>> When looking at freerdp reverse deps I noticed we are using three different
>>> names for USE flags enabling freerdp support: rdp, rdesktop and freerdp
>>> rdesktop is the only one that is a global USE flag, even if it's used only 
>>> by
>>> two packages, the others are local USE flags that are enabling similar
>>> supports.
>>> What should we do? Move all to rdesktop?
>> Move everything to rdp, since this one is most common; add it to
>> global flags and remove rdesktop from the list.
> +1; RDP is the protocol, whereas freerdp/rdesktop is the
> implementation.  This allows one to later replace the dependency with
> an any-of or virtual, without needing to change the useflag.
> -Doug
> dwfreed
+1 here.

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