On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 06:00:25PM -0500, Mike Gilbert wrote:
> Keeping up with the frequent Chromium releases is quite a chore.
> Recently, phajdan.jr has been slacking on the masked dev channel
> updates due a hardware problem, so I have been spending additional
> time on them.
> If there are any developers with relatively fast hardware that could
> take on the stable and/or beta channel updates, that would be most
> appreciated. This is also something that could be done by a trusted
> user.
> Help with the masked dev channel is also welcome -- especially testing
> the various USE flags and unbundling libraries.

Have reasonably powerful amd64 hardware, can try nightly runs.

Not an affiliated gentoo developer.

I guess it would be best to make up collectively a tiny git repo with
scripts which do exactly what is needed?

First of all it could be a set of chromium builds with different use
flags (a set of such configurations needs to be defined), saved as
binary packages, so that all the builds could be tested at once by
unpacking every build, in turn. All build logs must be saved for review,
and failures should be reported. Makes sense? Ideas? Comments?

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