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> Tomas Mozes wrote:
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> > As mentioned by others, bugs on packages.gentoo.org will not affect your
> > portage tree. I've just installed gcc 5.4.0-r3 on amd64, so try syncing
> > your portage tree. Don't you have it in your package.mask?
> As said, I synced the tree twice this morning (4 hours ago) and the
> in the ebuild do not declare amd64 as stable although it was committed to
> GIT already yesterday. And this is no wonder, because the stable branch of
> the GIT mirror is still not up-to-date:
> https://github.com/gentoo-mirror/gentoo/tree/stable/sys-devel/gcc
> gcc-4.5.0-r3 is declared unstable and is not masked.
> Cheers,
> Jörg
According to git
- the KEYWORDS have amd64 and x86. The github mirror shows the same
Syncing the tree shows the same.

And as such, on a stable system:

# emerge -p gcc
[ebuild  NS    ] sys-devel/gcc-5.4.0-r3:5.4.0::gentoo [4.9.4:4.9.4::gentoo]
USE="cxx fortran (multilib) nptl openmp sanitize vtv (-altivec) (-awt)
-cilk -debug -doc (-fixed-point) -gcj -go -graphite (-hardened) (-jit)
(-libssp) -mpx -nls -nopie -nossp -objc -objc++ -objc-gc -regression-test
-vanilla" 0 KiB

The git message says it's stable, the bug report also, the mirrors too, so
yes, it is stable now. Maybe check another rsync mirror.

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