On 2017-04-19 17:39, Gokturk Yuksek wrote:

>> Display-If-Installed: app-backup/burp
> Wouldn't you wanna limit this to <2.0.54 ? Otherwise this will pop
> up for the consumers of 2.0.54 as well.
Might as well, although at present there is no 2.0.54.

>> /etc/burp/burp.conf .
> You have an extra '.' at the end.
Yes, it's a full stop at the end of the sentence. Come to think of it it
looks confusing though, I'll remove it.

> I think upstream using the new path is enough justification, do you 
> really need to justify it any further?
It's not like that. Upstream has always used $sysconfdir/burp.conf , by
default however that file provides client-mode configuration and bedup
refuses to run unless it is pointed to a server-mode config file. Making
bedup use $sysconfig/burp-server.conf by default is achieved in burp-1
ebuilds through the means of a Gentoo patch.

> Maybe it's better to also provide a one-liner of 'mv' for people who 
> just want to upgrade to the new path.
It is not the matter of the config file having been renamed, burp has
always come with both burp.conf and burp-server.conf.

> Overall, my impression is that people handle conf file changes in 
> pkg_postinst() with REPLACING_VERSIONS rather than news items.
See above.

> How fatal are the consequences of not updating the conf file path?
> Would the program abort or misbehave?
Abort. Please note however that in a typical production scenario bedup
would be run periodically by cron or a similar tool, i.e. without admin
intervention, meaning that for everyone who doesn't review their logs
carefully backup deduplication would simply quietly stop working.


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