On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 6:38 PM, Patrick Lauer <patr...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> For some strange reason I was listed there as maintainer, but since no one
> wanted to listen to my ideas I guess I wasn't. So now last person who
> touched it gets stuck with it.

For elasticsearch, you added yourself to the maintainers, so why are you
surprised to be there (e6175815b5792f09acd90627af5fe23f616ad245)?

You also added yourself to other packages, for example elasticsearch-cutor
(bd21ed1ef20cb2d27a87a4dadf780565236a72cd) without asking the maintainer
(me at that time).

And where exactly have you expressed your ideas?

> Since proxy-maint refuses to be removed from packages (especially since
> they were unconditionally added to all packages with a non-gentoo-dev
> maintainer in metadata) they are the de facto maintainers, and overrule
> everything else.
> I've tried multiple strategies including removing them from metadata, but
> ... see app-admin/elasticsearch, proxy-maint is like the toe fungus that
> always comes back (e.g. commit f0925c10834464e62ce7209f2afa7797b594d350 )

Why did you add me as the maintainer of elasticsearch without asking and
then removing proxy-maint so I cannot make any changes to elasticsearch at
all? If you want to make all the changes, then I don't need to be there and
I can just open regular bug reports and you merge them.

> Sometimes it's almost absurdly funny, especially when you commit
> RESTRICT="test" because tests fail reliably just to have that reverted.
> (See dev-python/elasticsearch-py )

Regarding RESTRICT="test", I was the one to revert your change because I
thought it's a mistake as the tests passed for me. As soon as we discussed
this via irc that it only happens in chroot, it got back. Now a few days
ago @mrueg accidentally removed the restriction but after mailing him he
reverted his change so it's as you made it.

> Bonus mention:
> bbdc5412061adf598ed935697441a7d6b05f7614
>     app-admin/logstash-bin: drop old
>     Signed-off-by: Andrew Savchenko <birc...@gentoo.org>
> That removed the versions I was using, so I better maintain the versions I
> use in an overlay. Well ok then.
Logstash is yet another package where you made yourself a maintainer
without asking the maintainer (again, it was me). I don't remember you ever
wanting to keep the old version of logstash in the repo. Plus, you don't
need to update and you can mask the update. If you really want to use and
old version (we already had multiple version of 5.x in the tree by that
time), you can keep in your overlay.

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