Sergei Trofimovich posted on Tue, 08 Aug 2017 16:53:22 +0100 as excerpted:

> The failure happens when live glibc-9999 ebuild is installed:
>  * QA Notice: Missing gen_usr_ldscript for * ERROR:
>  sys-libs/glibc-9999::gentoo failed:
>  *   add those ldscripts
> The problem here is how upstream glibc version is detected:
>     dosym ../../$(get_libdir)/libm-${PV}.so
>     $(alt_usrlibdir)/libm-${PV}.so
> Change to use 'version.h' to pick upstream version.

Interesting that it's libm.  See bug #627378

... where ~arch glibc-2.25-r2 (apparently) allows the symlink creation 
line above to clobber the original library binary, in usr merge (/lib64 
and /usr/lib64 are the same dir) cases, or at least when /usr -> . (aka 
"reverse" usr merge).

Comment #4 says it's not new code, thus the "(apparently)" above, but 
perhaps it's acting differently now due to the recent migration away from 
eblits?  What I know for sure is that the upgrade broke my system until I 
manually copied the libm binary from the binpkg back into place.

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