On 12/08/2017 03:11, Brian Evans wrote:
> --changed-use (-U)
>        Tells emerge to include installed packages where USE flags have
>        changed   since  installation.  This  option  also  implies  the
>        --selective option. Unlike --newuse,  the  --changed-use  option
>        does not trigger reinstallation when flags that the user has not
>        enabled are added or removed.
> The option is the same as --newuse except it ignores functionality that
> you suggest to remove.  You could certainly deprecate one option or the
> other if they became the same.  But the core functionality of
> system-wide USE changes (by profile or user), needs to be scanned somehow.


There are use-cases for --changed-use / --newuse other than changed IUSE.

I find it useful to easily rebuild affected packages when changing USE
flags in make.conf. If the flags were removed, would we have a good


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