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> Please consider switching from your current 13.0 profile to the
> corresponding 17.0 profile soon after GCC-6.4.0 has been 
> stabilized on your architecture. The 13.0 profiles will be deprecated 
> and removed in the near future.

Just  a question that only became apparent to me as I'm trying to
create a "mostly stable" keyworded chroot, but with this change added
to pick up defects:

Are there any specific versions of toolchain modules that should/must be used
in 17.0 to make it work with GCC-6.4.0?

All I did was:

- Forcibly create the profile symlink myself ( as its not visible to me
  yet with eselect )

- accept-keywords for gcc

- Followed remaining instructions.

And hopefully that should be sufficient.

binutils: 2.28.1
gcc: 6.4.0
glibc: 2.23-r4
libtool: 2.4.6-r3

I know this is typically a "don't mix ~arch and arch" thing, but I
can't actually test things that will break otherwise :p

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