Am Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017, 04:10:13 CEST schrieb Duncan:

> One thing isn't clear here.  Is this sequence necessary due to the
> profile switch itself, because the /profile/ enables PIE by default, or
> is it gcc-6.4+ that enables PIE, and the profile simply forces the PIE
> default by forcing gcc-6.4+?

Switching the profile changes the settings for building gcc (it switches a use-
flag from forced-off to forced-on). A gcc-6 built with the 17.0 profiles will 
produce PIE executables by default, a gcc-6 built with the 13.0 profiles will 

I've added this paragraph:
# Switching the profile modifies the settings of GCC 6 to generate
# PIE executables by default; thus, you need to do the rebuilds
# even if you already used GCC 6 beforehand.

> The answer makes a big difference to those already on gcc-6.4+ and who
> presumably already did an empty-tree rebuild of @world when upgrading to
> it, 

That's really not necessary anymore.

Andreas K. Hüttel
Gentoo Linux developer (council, perl, libreoffice)

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