Alec Warner posted on Tue, 10 Oct 2017 15:28:41 -0400 as excerpted:

>> Please consider switching from your current 13.0 profile to the
>> corresponding 17.0 profile soon after GCC 6.4.0 has been stabilized on
>> your architecture. The 13.0 profiles will be deprecated and removed in
>> the near future.
> Can you commit to a deadline on this?
> Its OK to be wrong (e.g. say 1 month but remove in 3); but "near future"
> is not actionable by readers.

Will the 13.0 profiles be removed all together, or per-arch?

If they're removed all at the same time, then the time-limiting factor 
will certainly be how long it takes the last arch to stabilize gcc-6.4+, 
something that's likely not entirely predictable but that might take some 
time, given gentoo's known issues with straggling archs.

If the existing profiles will be deprecated and removed per-arch, with 
some fixed time after gcc-6.4+ stabilizes on that arch as a goal, then 
the time for most popular and best maintained archs may be predicted now, 
but the time will differ for each one, so the best that could be done 
would be either a time range or a list of the known ones, with presently  
unknowns being added to the list in further revisions of the news item.

The other alternative might be to word it something like (1 year can be 6 
months or whatever instead, if that works better):

"13.0 profiles are set to be removed one year after the last arch 
stabilizes gcc-6.4+, with the goal for the gcc stabilization being the 
end of 2017, meaning 13.0 profile removal is planned for the end of 2018 
if all archs meet their gcc-6.4+ stabilization goal."

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