Replying to your original question here, to repeat the answer I emphasised
before, along with significantly more detail in the history of Portage hashes
(pulled from my notes back to GLEP57 and some minor updates).

On Wed, Nov 08, 2017 at 12:57:49PM -0600, R0b0t1 wrote:
> These posts are concerning because it looks like someone became stir
> crazy and invented a problem to solve. The changes proposed to date
> have remained poorly justified, and no one has addressed the concern
> that multiple hashes *is* actually more secure.
> If it was deemed necessary at one point, what justification was used?
> I.e.'s_fence.
On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 11:47:41AM -0600, R0b0t1 wrote:
> Does the existence of a decision mean I would need to contact the trustees
> if I feel the changes have not been adequately justified?

In GLEP59, I referenced a paper by Joux [J04], in which it was shown that a
concatenation of multiple hashes is NOT much more secure against collisions
than the strongest of the individual hashes.

That was cited as original logic in GLEP59 for the removal of SHA256 (that
removal was never implemented). WHIRLPOOL & SHA512 were kept out of an
abundance of caution at the time, mostly to implementation bugs in hashes (as I
have referenced in the related threads since).

Your logic regarding removing something you think I don't understand is wrong
(Chesterton's Fence): 

If you dig in the history of Portage, you will see that it's always been valid,
to have just a SINGLE hash for each file in a Manifest.  Required hashes has
NEVER contained more than one hash.

If multiple hashes are present, then Portage will validate all of them, but a
potential attacker can still modify the Manifest and have only a single hash
listed.  Exactly which hash MUST be present has changed over time. 

Manifest1 is very old, and was stored in $CAT/$PN/files/digest-$P
Manifest2 is the current $CAT/$PN/Manifest (and soon in more locations per 

1999/xx/xx: Portage starts with Manifest1 format, MD5-only (CVS)
2004/08/25: Portage gets SHA1 support in Manifest1, but is problematic, SHA1 
generation manual only.
2005/12/19: Portage Manifest1 supports MD5,SHA1,SHA256,RMD160, but still 
requires only a single hash present. Generates MD5+SHA256+RMD160.
2006/03/24: Manifest2 introduced.
2007/01/20: MANIFEST2_REQUIRED_HASH introduced, SHA1, it must be present & pass
2007/12/18: MANIFEST1_REQUIRED_HASH introduced, MD5, it must be present & pass
2008/02/28: Manifest1 support dropped.
2011/10/02: GLEP59 implemented, MANIFEST2_REQUIRED_HASH changes to SHA256
2017/06/15: MANIFEST2_REQUIRED_HASH changes to SHA512

[J04] Joux, Antoie. (2004). "Multicollisions in Iterated Hash Functions - 
Application to Cascaded Constructions;" 
Proceedings of CRYPTO 2004, Franklin, M. (Ed); Lecture Notes in Computer 
Science 3152, pp. 306-316. 
Available online from:

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