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> > Non-strict Manifest verification
> > --------------------------------
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> > Originally the Manifest2 format provided a special ``MISC`` tag that
> > was used for ``metadata.xml`` and ``ChangeLog`` files. This tag
> > indicated that the Manifest verification failures could be ignored for
> > those files unless the package manager was working in strict mode.
> > 
> > The first versions of this specification continued the use of this tag.
> > However, after a long debate it was decided to deprecate it along with
> > the non-strict behavior, and require all files to strictly match.
> It may be outside the scope of the GLEP, but a link to said long debate
> might be relevant to the reader, especially if they have suggestions or
> points that have already been discussed in the debate.

It's been on IRC.

> Aside from the few nitpicks this looks good. Hope this helps.

I think I've fixed every single one of them. I'm going to fix one issue
I've noticed (lack of filename whitespace restriction) and resubmit.

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