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> > > Hi, everyone.
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> > > Here's the updated version of GLEP 74 taking into consideration
> > > the points made during the Council pre-review.
> > > 
> > > ReST: https://dev.gentoo.org/~mgorny/tmp/glep-0074.rst
> > > HTML: https://dev.gentoo.org/~mgorny/tmp/glep-0074.html
> > > 
> > 
> > New changes:
> > 
> > 9d819c9 glep-0074: Disallow filenames containing whitespace
> This seems like a bad idea. I apologize if this is covered in more
> detail somewhere, but the only justification I can see is that the
> current grammar does not permit quoting or some other method of
> specifying whitespace as part of a field value.
> Is there any way to assure that this won't break things in a
> non-obvious way? I'm having a hard time imagining how it would be an
> inflexible requirement to use a space in a filename, but it could come
> up if it was necessary to use Portage on a non-Gentoo distribution.

Having a whitespace there *will* break the parser. Until a better parser
is provided, we need to reject it to prevent tools from accidentally
generating broken files. It's better to tell straight away 'sorry, you
can't use Manifest here' than cause completely unexpected behavior
in the parser.

Using whitespace in filenames is going to break Portage in horrible
ways. Half of shell script in it is based on whitespace-separated lists.
PMS doesn't provide any means to replace some of them. It's not going to

> It seems very arbitrary. I think the better solution is to use a better 
> parser.

The parser is already there for 15 years or more. We can't just replace
it without breaking all old Portage versions.

Best regards,
Michał Górny

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