On 11/26/17 10:50 AM, Andreas K. Huettel wrote:
> Am Samstag, 25. November 2017, 15:01:20 CET schrieb Anthony G. Basile:
>> Hi everyone,
>> With the stabilization of gcc-6.4.0, the uclibc build broke because the
>> eclass requires UCLIBC_VER to be define on uclibc systems else it will
>> die().  Since uclibc specific patches are no longer needed in gcc-6 and
>> above, we don't want to error out in the eclass when the patchset is not
>> found.
> I'd guard this so it only applies to gcc-6 and later... for the simple reason 
> that 
> otherwise people will try to emerge some historical gcc versions and fail..

I don't think that's necessary because the ebuild is supposed to provide
a value of UCLIBC_VER if and only if a patchset is needed, and writing
the ebuild is up to us toolchain folks.  I can see the possibility of
upstream porting the fix to versions of gcc previous to 6 and then we'd
have to go back and hack away at the toolchain.eclass.

I'm planning to use the same logic for musl specific patches:  if
MUSL_VER is provided in the gcc ebuild, then there is a musl patchset to
be applied, otherwise there isn't.

This seems to be the cleanest approach without littering the eclass with


> Otherwise WFM
> diff --git a/eclass/toolchain.eclass b/eclass/toolchain.eclass
> index 503f7dbe94f..58d859dfaf3 100644
> --- a/eclass/toolchain.eclass
> +++ b/eclass/toolchain.eclass
> @@ -378,9 +378,6 @@ toolchain_pkg_pretend() {
>                       "in your make.conf if you want to use this 
> version."
>       fi
> -     [[ -z ${UCLIBC_VER} ]] && [[ ${CTARGET} == *-uclibc* ]] && \
> -             die "Sorry, this version does not support uClibc"
> -
>       if ! use_if_iuse cxx ; then
>               use_if_iuse go && ewarn 'Go requires a C++ compiler, 
> disabled due to USE="-cxx"'
>               use_if_iuse objc++ && ewarn 'Obj-C++ requires a C++ 
> compiler, disabled due to USE="-cxx"'

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