It is interesting to see people discussing behavior on list while flat
out ignoring the following.

This person is NOT me! They showed in #gentoo-java the other day.
Prior to that I have never had any contact. They shared the below log
with me then. Which I found flattering and amusing. Haters will hate...

That being said, that people find it acceptable to talk behind another's
back. Lobbing lots of insults. Then having the ego to assume someone
would create a fake identity. Any minimal research can show otherwise.

Further more associating with them me given how they speak of me. That
immediately insults the other person for no reason. They likely had no
idea who I was till others accused them of being me... Which caused
them to research who I was and come to their own conclusions.

The entire situation is laughable and shows a huge double standard. Not
to mention a total lack of respect for others and immature behavior.
Gentoo's status quo....

On Sat, 2 Dec 2017 21:49:44 -0600
R0b0t1 <> wrote:

> 19:09       @floppym | wltjr really seems to make shit up when he
> doen't know what he's talking about.
> 19:20        @mgorny | lol
> 19:20        @mgorny | we're talking about the real wltjr or the
> r0b0t1 fake identity?
> 19:21       @floppym | mgorny: There's a fake?
> 19:22        @mgorny | didn't you notice r0b0t1 on the mailing lists?
> 19:22       @floppym | Nope.
> 19:22       @floppym | I'm talking about the person filing bugs about
> Portage failures on NFS, as well as bug
>                      | 637160
> 19:22        @mgorny | he appeared out of the blue a few weeks ago
> 19:22      willikins | floppym:
> "dev-python/pbr-3.1.1 access violation with pypy3";
>                      | Gentoo Linux, Current packages; UNCO;
> wlt-ml:prometheanfire
> 19:25        @mgorny |
> 19:25        @mgorny | this guy
> 19:25       @floppym | Oh, yes. He seems to conherent to be wltjr.
> 19:26        @mgorny | 'i know nothing but i'm going to pretend i'm
> the smartest guy around, and try to prove
>                      | everyone who disagrees with me is stupid'
> 19:27       @floppym | I see posts from him dating back to 2016; I
> think it's a different person.
> 19:28         jstein | But this robot seems to need some kind of
> repair or recalibration in my eyes
> 19:29        @mgorny | floppym: maybe. but he behaves quite similar
> 19:31              * | floppym shrugs
> 19:32         jstein | the members on our mailinglist handle this
> troll very well and do not get triggered by his
>                      | statements.
> 19:32       @floppym | If only the same could be said for wltjr...
> 19:34            --> | fekepp
> (~Thunderbi@2a02:8071:31ac:c00:221:ccff:fed4:6de7) has joined
> #gentoo-python
> 19:34         jstein | where do I remember this nick from? Bugs?
> 19:36         jstein | the robot did not write any mail after 9th. I
> expected he was set to "moderated".

William L. Thomson Jr.

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