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> > Sorry. I think I was confusing a number of irritating things you've
> > done: email spoofing,  
> That was a complete accident due to a new version of Kmail that had
> the from field editable by default. It was NOT intentional. Not the
> 1st time. The 2nd time was for confirmation. I was in disbelieve such
> abuse was even possible with @gentoo.org addresses. That was a
> shocking discovery given I have administrated mail severs for quite
> some time. In part why I use ASSP.

I filed a bug with KDE on that but of course went WONTFIX. I think its
horrible as it allows people to spoof, spam and do bad things...

Make From field in the composer read only

Me personally I would never make software or change it to allow people
to make such a mistake. Others felt differently. I stopped using
Kmail2. I use Claws-mail now, but it also has editable from field.... :(

Email clients should only allow email address that are in configured
accounts. But that is my opinion. Others seem to feel differently. I
cannot see any good reasons for such really.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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