On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 4:16 PM, Daniel Campbell <z...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> I think the plan to split mailing lists serves as a way to insulate
> developers from the effects of their decisions. Anyone with an
> incongenial tone will have their voice bit revoked and their mail will
> be dropped or rejected.

And what would you do when somebody repeatedly sexually harasses other
members of the community in private after being told to stop, and then
acts as if they're the victim on the public mailing lists?

Pretty much every organization I've ever been in would quietly show
such a person the door unless the victim went public with the
allegations.  Most normal people wouldn't want to be a part of an
organization that didn't do such a thing.

Apparently though in Gentoo some prefer that the victims of harassment
have no recourse if the harassment doesn't happen on the gentoo-dev
mailing list in public.

If you think some cabal is running the show just run for Council.  If
you win then you get the lucky job of trying to explain all this
without disclosing the horrible things that some people do in private.
Of course, lots of people won't believe you, since they profess to be
innocent and the evidence can't be disclosed without bringing harm to
a victim or creating the possibility of a defamation lawsuit.

Nobody should assume that my example fits any particular person, but
it is certainly one I've heard about in Gentoo's history.  These
things do happen when you have a large enough community.

There are certainly people around here that annoy lots of devs, and
have for years, and yet they're not the ones being banned.  Heck, I
know I annoy plenty of people with lengthy posts, but the stuff that
actually gets people driven out goes way beyond annoyance.

And honestly, in an ideal world we wouldn't be moderating posts based
on who posted them, but simply based on their content.  Posts about
Gentoo development on gentoo-dev can go through, posts that aren't
about such things don't.  It is usually for the sake of manpower that
you whitelist/greylist/blacklist individuals.


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