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> Well, it's like listening to a broken record, which keeps repeating
> the same snippet. At some point you stop listening, and at some point
> you realize you should maybe remove it from the player.

Maybe you should go take more of my Firebird changes and put them in
tree. Since you took over that package I mtainained and then merged in
my changes from Linux UnderGround overlay that came from mine...

Who do you think made the Firebird 3.x ebuild? I DID!!!!

See linux underground reporting issues with mine before adding it to
their repository

See the date after they got it from mine :)

Then Andreas adding it to tree... HILARIOUS!!!!

Also seems it took a few tries why? Not familiar with package?

Same package, mgorny 51 comment QA leading to more issues because he
does not use, have a clue about it, or bothered to actually test... Due
to his approach and stance I assumed his changes  were correct. HUGE
mistake on my behalf. Why in part mgorny does not like me

All for a 1 line change to fix syslog-ng log file... 

mgorny going crazy on QA for a 1 line change Ridiculous!

Introducing new bugs that did not exist. GO QA!!!!

And work since on things mgorny missed...

This generation is NO replacement for the previous.... They seem
completely incapable of doing some things...

There is more QA issues but that is just Firebird.

Why is this PR still open? Or Java 9 PRs? Anyone working on that? Or
just people like you complaining about those actually doing the work
your not... or maybe cannot...

Andreas you are a funny guy...

William L. Thomson Jr.

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