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>>>>> 5. Reasons for warnings and bans
>>>>> --------------------------------
>>>> --snip--
>>>>  --- other snip ---
>>> Could you write a short paragraph for this?
>> Haven't been paying much attention to this thread.
>> (I was quoted here - Point #c versus #d)
>> Am I being asked to write something up?
> Yes, exactly that is what I’m asking for. I think your point c vs. d 
> statement 
> was that good it might be best if you’d write two or three sentences.

This language should fit heading #5
[ Reasons for warnings and bans ]


Posts to the list should be done in good faith. If posts are
clearly germane (limited to the topic under discussion) this
should prevent most personal disputes from being rehashed.


The term germane is less subjective than "on topic", but
including a brief definition can be helpful as not all
people on the list will know the word; it's not a super
common word in english (except for parliament / congress).

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