On 12/29/2017 02:58 PM, Alice Ferrazzi wrote:
> While not all issues are present in gentoo-sources-4.14.8-r1 we are
> concerned about the current stability/quality of the 4.14.x branch in

4.14.9 prevents both my desktop and my server from being boot, hangs
very early in the process before dmesg could start.

Tried to bisect itm, w/o too much success, would have much more
difficulties to bisect the remote headless server.

Whilst both systems boot now again (I mainly had to switch to the
generic CPU instead the Intel MCORE2 config option and removed few extra
sanity chekcs and the GCC plugin and so on) I second you about the
quality of the current 4.1.4.X tree, especially for X>=9.

I complaint already at the LKML.

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