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> Latest version.
> I still want to discuss whether Expires is Mandatory or Optional and how that
> actually ends up being used.

If it is going to be mandatory, then we need to allow a special value
like "never" which would indicate that an item will never expire
(if we don't, people will inevitably use values like 9999-12-31 ...).
Also I think that the format should be called 3.0 rather than 2.1 then,
because introduction of a mandatory header is an incompatible change.

I don't just see the point of restricting the format by making this
mandatory in the GLEP. Every item goes through review, and there it
will certainly being pointed out if an Expires header is missing.

> +``Expires:``
> +    Date of expiration, in ``yyyy-mm-dd`` format (e.g. 2019-01-18) for
> +    compatibility with GLEP 45 [#glep-45]_. Translations should use the date 
> of
> +    the original news item. An item is expired if the current date in UTC is
> +    greater than the expiration date of the item. Package managers should not
> +    display expired items. In news item format ``2.1``, this field is
> +    mandatory.

Regardless of the field being mandatory or not, the wording of the
last sentence is not very clear, because one could think that this
header was allowed in previous formats. I suggest something like:
"Only defined in news item format ``2.1`` or later, where it is


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