On January 6, 2018 8:11:09 PM EST, Duncan <1i5t5.dun...@cox.net> wrote:
>Justin Lecher posted on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 13:23:12 +0000 as excerpted:
>> As there are no consumers [1] of the virtualx.eclass using ancient
>> I dropped support for EAPI=2/3
>> Best,
>> Justin
>> 1)
>> diff --git a/eclass/virtualx.eclass b/eclass/virtualx.eclass
>Dropped, past tense, the commit is already made to the tree, or will
>using that diff, assuming no strong objections here?
>Keep in mind that people may still be using it in the overlays even
>it's out of the main tree.  That isn't on its own a reason to avoid 
>dropping it from the eclass in the tree, but part of the idea of
>such changes here is to at least warn people maintaining overlays that 
>/might/ use it, so they can either port or grab a copy of the eclass
>their overlay before the change.
>So that past-tense "dropped", if indeed that's what it was, looks a bit
>rude, not giving notice at all.  But if it's "dropped in this patch,
>this patch not yet applied, so will drop in the tree when it is",
>on with the usual timing, then. =:^)
>(My non-scientific observation seems to indicate at least a week of 
>notice appears to be the norm, if there's no substantial changes 
>suggested or a wait requested.  If there's a wait requested, for
>tree I'd say perhaps a month, max, no longer necessary for out-of-tree 
>unless you simply want to be extra nice, because if nothing else they
>just grab a copy before the change and if they can't even do /that/ in
>month... .  Beyond that and the old version can always be dug out of
>if necessary.)
>Either way, thanks for the cleanup. =:^)

You think a distribution should wait a month for changes in order to not break 
something that is unsupported?  He did give you the diff if you're that 
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