On 02/04/2018 06:14 PM, Canek Peláez Valdés wrote:
>     What would this even mean in the context of a source-based distro?
> It would mean that we all could reproduce the exact same bugs given
> the CFLAGS/USE/etc. combination.
> Many groups are working on this from different fronts; if the results
> stabilize at some point, Gentoo could use that to at least give the
> users the option of enabling reproducible builds.

That was exactly what I found interesting.
There is also some best practices that are pointed in the documentation
that seems to be useful for achieving the deterministic build:

Gentoo is a source based distro but the build environments and profiles
are many times the challenge that trigger most of bug reports in bugzilla.
With the reference reproducible build for some ebuild or profile would
allow to review the details of portage configuration that could be the
cause of the compile failures. This would be very useful for keyword
masked packages and for those that desire to be bleeding edge. Also for
overlays that would be qualiity assured by the reproducible builds over
EAPI verification.

I'm convinced that some of the ideas would be useful even for a souce
based distribution. In a source distribution I think that this would be
simple when comparing to binary distributions. All necessary information
would be collected directly from emerge and published as is.

Thanks to all for the feedback

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