Sorry for the late reply.

This is a very interesting offer :)
However, I don't have the capacity to manage such quantity of data yet.
Up until now, I performed my tests in a VM on my laptop without anything else 
Few days ago, my department lent me a dedicated laptop to perform the tests, 
which I still need to set up...

I'll definitively get back to you soonish.

Il 08/02/2018 20:57, Toralf Förster ha scritto:
On 02/06/2018 11:52 AM, Michael Lienhardt wrote:

To help, you can send us the tar generated by this bash script:
This bash script extracts your world file, the USE flags and keywords 
configuration of your system and the list of installed packages you have (it 
should not take more than few seconds).
With this, we will see if our solver is able to recreate your system and how 
much time it takes.

You can send everything to my professional email:

Just send an email to that with an uunencoded tar.xz file from one of the 
tinderbox images [1] I do run.

I can adapt the scripts to send the result file of each of the currently 7 
running images daily.


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